Councillors and Officers

The parish is split into three wards, Plawsworth, Kimblesworth and West Nettlesworth and the seats on each ward are filled by the following councillors:


Seat 1: Cllr Heather Rippon - Email

Seat 2: Cllr Gareth Craig - Email

Seat 3: Cllr Bill Jackson - Email

Seat 4: Cllr Alan Hodgson - Email

Seat 5: Cllr Lillian Walker - Email

Seat 6: Vacant

Seat 7: Cllr Alison Cole - Email


Seat 1: Cllr Daniel Inman - Email

Seat 2: Cllr George Kendall - Email

West Nettlesworth:

Seat 1: Cllr Elizabeth Hilland - Email

Seat 2: Vacant

Clerk And Responsible Finance Officer :

John Kelly - Email 

All councillors must disclose any interests they hold, such as employment, land and memberships. These interests should be registered at the start of their role but also kept up to date whenever a relevant change occurs. These interests can be viewed on the Durham County Council website here: 

Kimblesworth & Plawsworth Parish Council

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