Our Noticeboards

The parish has three noticeboards which we use to notify residents of our meetings and other useful information. An agenda, notifying residents of the date, time, venue and items for discussion, is placed three days before each monthly meeting. The location of each noticeboard is shown on the map:

noticeboard map.jpg

Noticeboard 1 is on Wheatleywell Lane, Plawsworth, about 100 metres up from the A167 on the left hand wall;

Noticeboard 2 is on the corner of Tanmeads and Cedar Avenue; 

Noticeboard 3 is on the corner of Westhills Close and the B6532 (Edmondsley Lane). 

Parish Council noticeboard map
Parish Council noticeboard map

Note: the Community Centre at Nettlesworth also kindly place our agenda each month too.