Changes to bus services through our Parish

Go North East have introduced some service changes which appear to be longer term, rather than just alterations or reductions due to COVID-19.

Although government guidance is currently to avoid public transport where possible, we understand that, for some, public transport is the only means of getting to work, to care for vulnerable family or friends, or to travel for other good reasons. In this respect, the new changes are good news for the area.

From the 1st June, the 14 service is withdrawn and replaced by a revised X20 service. The X20 service currently runs from Durham to Sunderland every 30 minutes, as an express service (to complement the 20 service between Durham to Sunderland which is a slower, but more frequent, service).

From the start of June, we will have a bus every 30 minutes on weekdays (every hour on weekends) to and from Durham, via the Arnison Centre, and Langley Park - as well as a direct bus to Sunderland. Importantly, the daytime service on return to the villages from Durham, runs via the Pit Bank and Cedar Avenue, before going up through Nettlesworth and onto Sacriston. The full list of service changes are available at

Please note, due to roadworks between the A167 and Kimblesworth, the bank road will be closed for 15 days at the start of the June, so all buses will follow a diversion via the Red Lion roundabout.

Unfortunately, on evenings and Sundays this revised X20 service (as the 14 service does now), will run along the dual carriageway from Durham, rather than run up the bank and through the village of Kimblesworth. We will be contacting Go North East to ask them to consider running the journey through the village on evenings and Sundays as well.

Another positive for the Parish, is that the 21 service (stopping at the Red Lion) will now also divert via the Arnison Centre, on its way to and from Durham (but not on Sundays).


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